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The Taaborinvuori Museum Area Print
Aleksis Kivi gave the Biblical name Taaborinvuori (Mount Tabor) to the rocky hill next to his birthplace. The place was used as a children’s playground and a meeting place for young people in the village.

At the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, a museum area was built at Taaborinvuori. The three residential buildings in the museum area were originally the small rural dwellings of a farm worker, a crofter and a smith. These residential buildings and the granaries at Taaborinvuori have been transferred to the area from different locations in Nurmijärvi.

The exhibitions of the Nurmijärvi Museum of Cultural History at Taaborinvuori depict the everyday life of Nurmijärvi at an earlier time. These exhibitions acquaint visitors with the world of Aleksis Kivi through a variety of topics and the history of the locality.

Museum shop and cafè Puolmatkan Krouvi

The museum shop and the summer café Puolmatkan Krouvi at Taaborinvuori are open during the museum’s opening hours and special events. Visitors are welcome to visit the shop and the café even if they do not intend to visit the museum. The spacious outdoor serving area of the café accommodates large groups as well.

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The Taaborinvuori Museum Area.